I have a deep passion, from Christian conviction, for reconciling divided people, expressed through writing, teaching, preaching, and costly building of community across historic barriers of alienation.

This vocation was indelibly shaped over 17 years of struggle and joy in Jackson, Mississippi, living, working, and worshipping in an urban African-American neighborhood with an interracial church called Voice of Calvary. I met my wife Donna there, and we share this calling. Our children are Benjamin (13), Talia (10), and Christopher (9).

After moving to Durham, North Carolina in 2000 and graduating from Duke Divinity School in 2004, I am leading an international reconciliation project of 50 leaders from locations of destructive conflict across the world—including the Middle East, Northern Ireland, Rwanda, Colombia, Korea, India, South Africa, Indonesia, and Sudan.

Partners include Duke, World Vision International, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

This budding community unites the fragments of my life: missionary upbringing in Korea seeing my parents take the side of the marginalized, Mississippi where I experienced deep shared life between whites and blacks, and theological and intellectual deepening at Duke.


Daily baseball box scores, John LeCarre novels, Sports Illustrated, enjoying God's creation with Donna, plodding through Karl Barth, backyard soccer with the boys and car rides with daughter