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September 16, 2004


Godfrey Ddungu

Wow Chris,
Great work! I am a nephew to Father Emma. Reading your story, the underlining question that comes to my mind is; "How do we change the world?" I was really moved by your story and experience in Rwanda and Uganda. Peace & blessings!


Tim Gilman


Your book, Grace Matters was a watershed read for me . . . I just returned from my second trip to Libera, West Africa . . .

My wife and I are exploring ways to bring the message of healing and reconciliation to our brothers and sisters in this nation.

Have you ever been to Liberia . . . would you be interested in going . . .

You are correct that the "Oma's" or old ladies are the backbone of the society . . . We are asking God to show us how to honor them while at the same time "listening" to their stories and being a "witness" to their faithfulness . . .

Thank you for the fine example you are to those Christians in the west who have ears to hear . . .

Tim Gilman

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